Everything Wrong with Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, in One Stupid List

Think you’ve got a rough Thanksgiving this year? Maybe so. But just look at everything one poor, round-headed kid had to deal with.


Crossover Sci-Fi: On Breaking Down Genre Walls and Writing for Everyone

You. I see you, the one who “doesn’t read science fiction.” C’mere a sec. *hooks arm around reader’s shoulders* Guess what? I get it, I do. But believe me, science fiction isn’t all about rocketships and mad scientists.


The NFL and Donald Trump:
America’s Beast Mode Brands

“To become more than successful—to become invincible—a brand must occupy a position in the consumer’s soul.” Matt Gonzales explores two of modern America’s most unbreakable brands.

September 21, 2016
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Landscape Landscape

American Anthem

“When the promises of liberty, opportunity, and justice are being broken week after week—whether for all people or a certain group of people—what do we owe to the symbols that claim to stand for them?” Robin Beery on a father’s protest and the distinction between a nation and its symbols.

September 16, 2016
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Are_You_Experienced_-_US_cover-edit Are_You_Experienced_-_US_cover-edit

My Favorite Dead Rock Star

“‘Jimi Hendrix died,’ my stepdad said through the window in the radio room, or maybe I just overheard him announce it to someone through that black microphone. I did know, even at ten, who Jimi Hendrix was. I was surprised my dad knew.” Marisa Mangani on recurrently remembering the death of a legend.

August 22, 2016
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Kiave_Ghemon_e_Clementino_al_Nike_Stadium Kiave_Ghemon_e_Clementino_al_Nike_Stadium

Lick My Shoes

“I ignored that thought and said, I’ll bring his first album in tomorrow, if you like. You can borrow it and burn a copy, and he said, thanks, though really I don’t think he cared either way, or was particularly interested in hearing this DJ Rupture, it would make him look uncool, and even if he did end up liking it, he couldn’t say so, not in public anyway, or to me.” Stephen Mander tells the story of a CD he’s never getting back.

August 18, 2016
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Unemployed Character Seeks Work with Ultra-Niche Self-Published Author

“I can grow a long bushy beard, or I can shave my head. Put eyeliner on me and see how brooding I become (I’m thinking of Mr. Jabapuppee from Ziti Underbelly). These choices are all up to you.” New fiction by Doug Cornett.

August 3, 2016
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Regarding the Murder Problem in “Those Neighborhoods”

How do you solve Indianapolis’s violent crime problem in “those neighborhoods”? We may have actually found some common ground with Tony Katz. (Probably not.)

July 22, 2016
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Smith_Premier_Typewriter Smith_Premier_Typewriter

Punchcard: Who You Gonna Call? Ghostwriters!

Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter responsible for The Art of the Deal—and he seems to think, Donald Trump himself—has come forward to say that he pretty much hates Donald Trump and is sorry he wrote the book. One of his grudges seems to be that Trump claimed to have written the book that Mr. Schwartz himself…

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