Two Poems by Scott Sherman

“These are the dreams I pretend we have,/not the ones where I’m walking down our street/at night, something crying in the woods/& I’m scared & you’re nowhere.” New poetry by Scott Sherman.

Selections from the E-Mails of Cabot Sinclair, Literary Agent and Really Nice Guy

“Handing out rejection after rejection is a thankless job, and it drains me. But I will try to be kind…To begin with, Change Me Mommy, I’m Wet, would not be an ideal title even for a book supposedly written by an infant.” New fiction from Gael DeRoane.


Don’t Let the Monsters Win: Help Second Story Reach Its Goal

You loved our Mythic Indy series, right? Here’s why you should support our Indiegogo campaign to publish our anthology. (Hint: It’s about the kids.)