December 20, 2012
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Homeland Is Where The Heart Is

“At its roots, Homeland is a love story. There’s the forbidden sex, the meaningful looks, the trust issues, and the ever-present suspicions of betrayal. Yet, the most intimate scenes where love is portrayed at its most honest and most brutal don’t feature Brody at all.” Jaime Franchi recaps Season 2 of Homeland.

September 6, 2012

Love/Hating The Newsroom, Revisited

Now that the first season of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom has run its course, Jaime Franchi and Ken Honeywell are reconsidering their positions. Sort of. Haters gotta hate…

July 23, 2012
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Why I Hate The Newsroom

“It’s easy to be Will McAvoy–just set your time machine for two years in the future and see how everything turns out, then go back and ask the bad guys the tough questions.” Ken Honeywell is not a fan.

July 23, 2012
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Why I Love The Newsroom

“Like The West Wing, which imagined a values-based presidential administration, The Newsroom imagines what it would be like if the news came to us with a backdrop of decency and responsibility.” Jaime Franchi is a big fan.

February 21, 2012
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cornbreadd cornbreadd

The Shakespearian Vulgarity Of Cornbreadd

“I told the whole team… I’m going to shovel all of this shit out for you. You just discard the shit somewhere and we’ll be in a shitless situation. Okay? Which is what maybe I’m trying to do politically for people.” Matt Mays interviews the inimitable Cornbreadd (aka Maurice Duhon).

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