December 5, 2013
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Road to–Where?

“Did Fred Madison recreate his past in his mind? Or was he trying to justify his whole life through the avatar of Pete Dayton, almost like a videogame, only more real?” Peter Tieryas Liu considers Lost Highway.

December 1, 2013
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Shae Hates Ender’s Game

“I should have known that Ender’s Game was not for me. I love science fiction, but sci fi authors aren’t exactly known for passing the Bechdel test.” How badly does Shae Ramsey hate this film?

September 22, 2013
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All Roads Lead Home

“It is readily apparent that Newman is recounting an ultimately circuitous inner journey by traversing the globe.” Lauren Jonik reviews Leigh Newman’s memoir.

September 16, 2013
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A Healthy Respect for Murk

“In the dark forest of crime and thriller fiction, Night Film is an anomalous addition, an unexpected clearing amongst a crowded crush of trees, both belonging to and standing out from the forest around it.” A review by Molly Geipel.

September 8, 2013
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Shae Hates Riddick

“I set my expectations appropriately low and set out to enjoy Riddick for a vapid, fun thrill ride featuring sexy people, slimy aliens and cool-looking dystopian landscapes.” Alas, low expectations were not enough to prepare Shae Ramsey.

July 22, 2013
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An Amazing Week of Movies

“The opening weekend of the Indianapolis International Film Festival is now officially behind us. And, wow, what a start it has had.” Chris Overpeck is blown away by some great films.

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