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Punchlist: The Best Albums of 2015

Contributors and staff offer up their picks for the best albums of 2015.

“How blue can you get?”

“While B.B. brought us the depths of pain, discouragement, and depression, he delivered the call and the response.” James Figy on how the life and music of “The King of Blues” still speaks to us.

Every Childhood Is a Tragedy: A Few Thoughts on Carrie and Lowell

“Now that Carrie and Lowell was on my phone I was listening to it all the time. On the train. On my porch. During lunch while I walked around in a t-shirt. I walked to Klyde Warren park where everyone was wearing sunglasses. The sun reflected off their sunglasses and their eyes looked as bright as welders’ torches.” Michael Nagel on listening to Sufjan Stevens’ latest album, Carrie and Lowell.

April 20, 2015
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Lyricbuster: Warp Speed, Mr. Chung

The Song: “Everybody Have Fun Tonight.” 1986 tune performed by the band Wang Chung, and written by Jeremy Ryder, Nick Feldman and Peter Wolf; three men who were, quite literally, ahead of their time. The Culprit: “I’ll drive a million miles to be with you tonight!” We know from Mickey Thomas in the first Lyricbuster…

February 18, 2015
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Lyricbuster: I Fooled Around and Fell in Love

The Song: “I Fooled Around and Fell in Love.” 1975 tune by the otherwise respectable ElvinBishop (as sung by Mickey Thomas, the man who built a city on rock and roll, regrettably). The Culprit. “I must have been through about a million girls.” Crowing about one’s conquests is nothing new—Guillaume IX, the earliest troubadour whose work…

November 20, 2014
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Just Like Ronnie Sang: A Music Snob’s Confession

“Ghastly skeletons—skeletons with names that should never be uttered aloud by a self-respecting, reasonably intelligent adult. Names like Breathe, Richard Marx, Mr. Big, But Seriously-era Phil Collins.” Matt Gonzales has a Tonic confession, and it’s a doozy.

December 23, 2013
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Punchlist, Week of 12/23/13

We watched, listened to, and read a lot of stuff this year. Here’s what we liked.

December 22, 2013
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Ten Albums I Listened to from 2013

“I bet my food truck in a backroom Pai Gow game. I let that very food truck get repossessed before I could pay up, leaving myself in serious debt to some dangerous people that demand I do questionable things to pay up. I also listened to this album. Trippy.” New fiction by Andy Bankin.

December 12, 2013
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Ten Sentences on Paste’s Top Ten Albums of 2013

“The Paste best albums of the year list was the first one I saw, so I listened to the Top 10 (about half of which I already owned).” Here’s what Ken Honeywell thought, in 10 sentences.

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