Sounds Like Falling Rain

“It may have been my imagination, but Cambodian men of a certain age seemed to have the same blankness of the eyes you see in pictures of wild west gunfighters. His face cinched or smiled like a rubber mask, but the eyes never changed.” Matt Jager recommends Enemy of the People.

The Flowers Of War

“For one thing, nearly every frame could be a painting. Director Zhang Yimou, probably most famous abroad for his 2002 kung fu epic Hero, is one of the best cinematographers working today.” Matt Jager gives thumbs down to Roger Ebert’s review of The Flowers of War.


Bows, Arrows, And Machismo

“I don’t think I will be spoiling too much by revealing that in the first two minutes of the film, a little girl is nearly gobbled up by an attack dog when an arrow, fired from the shadows, saves her and catches the dog midlunge, carrying him sideways in slow motion through the air.” Dang. Let’s watch War of Arrows with Matt Jager.

January 23, 2012
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Before The West Was Wild

“Critics defend the ending as an artistic brushstroke reflecting a genre subversion, but the director shruggingly admits she just plumb ran out of money.” Looking for something interesting in your Netflix Instant queue? Matt Jager recommends Meek’s Cutoff.