The Line Between Madness and Magic

“I know it’s nothing. I understand sleep paralysis and exploding head syndrome and all the peculiarity that happens between wakefulness and sleep. I doze. I can’t sleep though.” Anisha Vichare on these and other mysteries of life.

Crazy O’Shea and the Meaning of Life

“I want to soar tonight to the rim of a cauldron / of melting mountain—then plunge like an osprey” A new poem by Jerry McGinley.

The Meaning of Life…or Something Like It

“I like to imagine all the little human things that happen in the course of a person’s life.” Heidi Samuelson on what gets her through the night.

September 15, 2014
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A Brief Summation of the World’s Major Religions, with Specific Regard to the Meaning of Life

Alex Mattingly knows. And he’s sharing.