December 1, 2013
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“When the sergeant smeared ash across my face I should have resigned, gone home or anywhere else, and never come back.” A Mythic Indy story by Ryan Everett Felton.

November 25, 2013
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The Incident at Methodist Station

“Lieutenant Craig had a job to do, and he was going to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. No one else had wanted to clean out Detective Robinson’s personal effects after he’d been killed in the line of duty…” A Mythic Indy story by R. Wolf Baldassarro.

November 14, 2013
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Why I Am Not Wearing the Nudie Suit to This Year’s Tonic Ball

This year’s Tonic Ball is already going to be almost too much awesome in one room (times three). Ken Honeywell has the details.

November 10, 2013
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The Disappearing Man

“The moment he opened the door at Peppy Grill, Gage knew something was wrong. Everything seemed normal: the grease-stained aprons, the scraping of forks on china, the smells of toast and bacon and burned coffee, the ancient cash register.” A Mythic Indy story by Ken Honeywell.

October 29, 2013
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Punchlist, Week of 10/28/13

“I thought about some of the places I’ve haunted–the places I could feel safe, hidden away from a world that gets to be too much sometimes. And those are the kinds of places I’d like for my eternal rest.” Ken Honeywell considers eternity.

October 28, 2013
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The House of Blue Lights

“I heard Old Man Test keeps his dead wife up there in a glass coffin. Blue was her favorite color, so he shines blue lights on it at night.” A Mythic Indy story by Jim Thompson.

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