March 31, 2015
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How to Talk to Your Liberal Friends about the Indiana RFRA

Yeah, it’s going to take us some time to get over this. Here are a few ways Republicans can help Indiana Democrats get over the RFRA debacle.

March 30, 2015
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18 State Statutes Later, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is Still Bad Legislation

Steve Hayes read the federal RFRA, all the state versions, court cases, and more. His conclusion: “Indiana’s version of the RFRA is bad legislation.”

March 25, 2015
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Not My Indiana

“They’re on the wrong side of America and the wrong side of Christianity. My America is bigger than their America, and my God is bigger than their God.” Ken Honeywell lives in a parallel universe.

March 23, 2015
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10 Great Reasons to Support the Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

We figured there had to be legitimate reasons for a law designed to deny people service in businesses that are ostensibly open to the public. Sure enough: We came up with 10 good ones.

February 25, 2015
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Writer Night for Second Story Presents David James Keaton

This Friday night, 7 PM, Mr. David James Keaton will be here live and in one piece as a benefit for Second Story. I believe you recall Mr. Keaton. Published in more than 50 places, the kind of haunts a coupla mugs like us might enjoy. Places like PANK, Thuglit, Noir at the Bar II, and Plots With Guns. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Flywheel Magazine. Guy’s got a rap sheet a mile long.

January 29, 2015
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Bill Belichick’s Current Bedside Reads

Behind those shadowy eye sockets, Bill Belichick is plotting for the big game. But the real question is: What is he reading?

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