Regarding the Murder Problem in “Those Neighborhoods”

How do you solve Indianapolis’s violent crime problem in “those neighborhoods”? We may have actually found some common ground with Tony Katz. (Probably not.)

Order Mythic Indy and Support Second Story

Mythic Indy, a new collection edited by Corey Michael Dalton, reimagines the familiar landscape of Indianapolis into something weirder, funnier, scarier, and stranger than the Indianapolis you already know. The anthology, whose proceeds support Second Story, features stories about aliens in the Indianapolis Zoo, cannibals in Tomlinson Hall, and the little-known tale of the Glendale penguins. But…


A Tradition of Open Arms

Mike Pence, man. Trying to make political hay out of a terrorist attack while dumping on immigrants (and war refugees, to boot). It’s hard to imagine a more quintessentially hard-right response to the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut. Well, except for Mike Huckabee, who recently ranted that “it’s time to wake up and smell the falafel”…

October 27, 2015
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Peyton_Manning_(18)_pursued_by_B.J._Raji_(90) Peyton_Manning_(18)_pursued_by_B.J._Raji_(90)

Dear Peyton Manning: Save Yourself (And the Colts While You’re at It)

“I’m asking—no, begging—you to retire next year and become the next general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.” Matt Gonzales makes his case to Peyton Manning.

June 23, 2015
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Zombies_NightoftheLivingDead-300x225 Zombies_NightoftheLivingDead-300x225

Films About Ghosts

“In front of our TV, medical monitor cords spread across the carpet like vines on a forest floor. The monitor’s beeping competed with the volume of the zombie action on screen.” Fiction by Sam Watermeier.

May 18, 2015
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Ed-Sullivan-Theatre-by-Bill-Baker Ed-Sullivan-Theatre-by-Bill-Baker

Searching for David Letterman

“Perhaps we reminded him of his time at BSU or maybe he was just being nice but Letterman sat down, lit a cigar and proceeded to give us nearly 45 minutes in a hilarious and wide-ranging conversation.” Matt Mays recalls a formative interview with the departing late-night host.

April 1, 2015
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Take_the_Walk_Tour_4075547422-701x198 Take_the_Walk_Tour_4075547422-701x198

How to talk to [noun] about the Indiana RFRA

“That no-shirt-no-shoes sign in the window is basically forcing me to see an orthopod twenty years down the road.” Deano Freeman on how to talk to everyone who matters about RFRA and barefoot sea gypsies.

April 1, 2015
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Bee_species_wide_face_m_brazil_face_2014-08-08-12.15.52_ZS_PMax_15631226174 Bee_species_wide_face_m_brazil_face_2014-08-08-12.15.52_ZS_PMax_15631226174

Indiana and Arkansas Governors Make Wager over Religious Tolerance

“You’ve got to keep your sense of humor. Otherwise you’d just look like an asshole.” Being tolerant isn’t a competition. Except when it is.

March 31, 2015
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GOP_lawmakers_work_to_clarify_RFRA_2769360000_15855754_ver1.0_640_480 GOP_lawmakers_work_to_clarify_RFRA_2769360000_15855754_ver1.0_640_480

How to Talk to Your Conservative Friends about the Indiana RFRA

“If you want to talk, let’s both stop being intellectually dishonest. I won’t talk about Nazis wanting custom-made dreidels from a Jewish dreidel-smith, and you stop spouting off equally ridiculous scenarios.”

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