On the Edge of Here

“Once free to explore and settle the planet, they stayed in the valley, stayed in plain sight of every other person. Their children and their children continued the tradition, and now I wouldn’t bet that a person a year wondered what it was like on the other side of the circling rim.” Flash Hybrid Noir fiction by Stephen D. Rogers.


Noir Noir: A Minimal Thriller

“He stayed in. Drew blank faces. Precincts he didn’t know corresponded. Fat chance. He ran out of secretaries and legal pads years ago.” Flash Hybrid Noir fiction by Forrest Roth.


So, the Earth Wakes up in a Bathtub

“He gestures vaguely towards the open balcony door and the night beyond. The black sky, shot through with pale pins of fire, hangs over the rooftops and horizon. ‘There are others like you,’ he shrugs, ‘But younger, fresher.'” Flash Hybrid Noir from Gordon White.

June 16, 2015
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Entelechy_in_lathhouse_inner_acuatic_landscape Entelechy_in_lathhouse_inner_acuatic_landscape

Wound Up

“For the first time in a long time the shudder doesn’t taste like disgust or rancor or lust. It tastes like anticipation. Anticipation of the fear I’ve hunted before.” Flash Hybrid Noir fiction by William Bain.

June 10, 2015
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Kill Me Again

“The familiar laughter comes. 1000 feet of nothing beneath her and she laughs.” Flash Hybrid Noir from Heath Houseman.

June 9, 2015
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Bad Heart

“Steve wanted to complete this insane revenge mission for his old flame.” Flash Hybrid Noir starring your old friend Steve. By James Figy.

March 20, 2015
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How To Write Flash Fiction

“Consider ending with a twist, something that will keep your story in the readers’ minds. At least until they check their Facebook statuses.” Richie Narvaez with the winning story in our Flash Hybrid Noir Contest.

March 19, 2015
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The Cadaver

“The dead man’s lolling head stared with glassy blue eyes and gaping mouth. Susan, my sister-in-law, thrust boxes of Stove Top in my hand as she bent to lift the man’s dragging feet over the threshold.” Flash Hybrid Noir from contest runner-up Carol Divish.

March 18, 2015
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Cloud Services is No Place for a Lightweight

“Misty Sledge had no soul. At least that’s what the annual employee assessment forms said. She knifed into a job site, slaughtered the weak, and left the business reeling, but undoubtedly stronger.” Flash Hybrid Noir from contest runner-up Jeremy Zucker.

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