January 14, 2016
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1280px-Cat_Russian_Blue_02 1280px-Cat_Russian_Blue_02


“The seventeen pounds on my diaphragm didn’t help my already poor sleep quality and for some reason, maybe a bond I think we always shared, I’m sure Chloe knew it. But her intentions were good, protective, and I think she knew that I knew this.” Nick Michalak on the strong bond with an ex’s cat.

January 12, 2016
Old_Cairo_Street_(2347996056) Old_Cairo_Street_(2347996056)

A Modest Cafe in Egypt

“In Egypt there were many forms of baksheesh, but this was a new one. Pay me or I won’t stop screaming at you in a café. The waiter flicked him off with restless, impatient hands.” Andrew J. Khaled Madigan on strange encounters and unexpected joys.

January 5, 2016
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Donald_August_19 Donald_August_19

I’m Going to Become A Republican

“If I go Republican, I can do what every right-thinking, decent Republican American should do, which is call the whole lot of them, starting with Trump, a bunch of weak, craven powersuckers.”

December 21, 2015
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Better Than Before Better Than Before

I’ll Keep the Bad Habits

“At this point in my life, I’m far more interested in exploring what my vices have to teach me than in eradicating them. Procrastination is most often my body’s cue that I need rest and spaciousness. Craving chocolate ice cream tells me it’s time to celebrate. Biting my nails lets me know I’m stressed and need to take some down time for myself. And staying up late means my inner rebel seeks freedom. Indulging it makes life more fun.” Cyndi Briggs wants you to embrace your bad habits.

December 18, 2015
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Walrus Man Toy Walrus Man Toy

Star Wars: My Darkest Emotions Awaken

“As we sat down to our scrambled eggs, we heard a great crash and a scream. Our family rushed into the living room to find my Grandma Dalton lying in a heap amid the ruins of the Death Star. My brother and I rushed past her to the shattered remains of our precious play set.” Corey Michael Dalton reflects.

October 27, 2015
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Peyton_Manning_(18)_pursued_by_B.J._Raji_(90) Peyton_Manning_(18)_pursued_by_B.J._Raji_(90)

Dear Peyton Manning: Save Yourself (And the Colts While You’re at It)

“I’m asking—no, begging—you to retire next year and become the next general manager of the Indianapolis Colts.” Matt Gonzales makes his case to Peyton Manning.

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