March 8, 2016
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Flying Saucer Flying Saucer

If We Do This We Do It My Way

“Well well well. Look who’s come to me, the last person they ever wanted to come to for help,
for help.” Evan Eggers lays down the law.

March 1, 2016
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Typewriter Typewriter


“Swedish writer: I can see that this will be important.” A look at writers around the world from Robin Wyatt Dunn.

February 18, 2016
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406772615_80a61dad9e_o 406772615_80a61dad9e_o

And the Lemon Bar Stared Back at Me

“The rooms held unlikely collections of objects. A pink fainting couch next to a massive granite coffee table. Flouncy floor lamps in one room; modern chrome and leather chairs in the next.” Tangy, creamy fiction from Freda Love Smith.

February 17, 2016
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Suushi_Kappa Suushi_Kappa


“Marco did not swim in the lakes, not even the large ones. He was not afraid of teeth nibbling at his feet, or a tentacle from some prehistoric beast wrapping itself around his thigh. He was not a true believer like his sister.” New fiction from Andrew F. Sullivan .

February 16, 2016
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Jury Jury

Jury Duty

“Caroline could probably have asked for a postponement of her jury duty, but then she’d just have to do it later. Better get it over and done. Her Eric would’ve said it was a responsibility owed to our American community, a sign of our aspiration to justice and truth. In her head she heard The Sex Pistols.” New fiction from Cezarija Abartis.

February 4, 2016
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woman-83155_960_720 woman-83155_960_720

Welcome to Your Future With Chlorolyft®

“Thin and white: for too long, that was the only answer. Then, finally, thin and tan was acceptable. Then thin and brown—but not too brown, right? Sad, but true.” New fiction by Tara Campbell.

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