The Center Of The Universe

“He once told her that his dream was to own a family of mannequins — reasoning that if he put his energies into dressing them, he would kill his own urge to dress like a woman.” And other interesting characters in Sarah Spykman‘s world.


Punchlist, Week Of 1/16/12

Sarah Spykman hates robocalls and loves the Internet. All of it. (Okay: not the horse porn. But most of the rest of it.)


Let Christmas In, Be It Lavish, Joyful Or Just A Single Day

“Our family has managed to whittle Christmassing down to a week or so of mild hubbub. It’s not fraught-free, but we keep trying, every year, to let Christmas know that we’re in charge, dammit.” Sarah Spykman asserts her hegemony over Christmas.

October 27, 2011
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Theologians Don’t Know Nothin’

“’Where you from—Jupiter?’ has remained one of the best theological questions I’ve ever heard. Thirty years later it’s still stuck in my head, like some kind of universal measure in my light-years journey away from the ginormous gas planet of Jesus-speak.”

August 31, 2011
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Screeching Like A Red Glider

“I turn. A sallow blonde with sallow skin, in her fifties or sixties and wearing an oversized beige parka, smiles at me. Smoker, I think.” Sarah Spykman finds common ground.