Punchlist, Week of 11/18/13

“As soon as the sun starts hanging low in the sky, so many moods to follow. People who write textbooks call it ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder.’ I call it ‘just another reason winter sucks.'” Never fear: Sarah Murrell has the cure.

Weird Beauty Rituals: A Boxed Dye Cautionary Tale

“It’s a common trope: girl wants to change hair color; girl has no money for professional dye job; girl dumps $10 box of bleach on hair; hilarity does not ensue.” A cautionary tale of a dye-job gone wrong from Sarah Murrell.

Weird Beauty Rituals: Mustache Mayhem

“The first tool I reached for was a razor, and dispatched with the new growth with a few relatively clean sweeps. One week later, I was stricken with a horrific combination of an ingrown hair and a fresh mustache now made of short, lopped-off, obvious hairs.” Sarah Murrell fights the good fight.

April 30, 2013
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Weird Beauty Rituals: Indoor Tanning

“Indoor tanning, in my opinion, is the closest you can get to actually staring down the barrel of a gun as it presses a molten lead round through your cranium, but slowed down by about a million percent.” Sarah Murrell apparently used to like that.

February 3, 2013
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Four Special Snowflakes

“If Dunham is trying to make a statement, the fact that she’s repeating an old one while the youth-obsessed culture congratulates her on capturing the zeitgeist is even more telling than the scripted story.” Sarah Murrell on the trouble with Girls.

January 14, 2013
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Punchlist, Week Of 1/14/13

“You could mope and whine your way through the course of the virus, or you could let this Punchlist take you on a fever-dreamed journey, beyond your immune system’s incompetence and into a sub-societal neverland of privileges bestowed only upon the very, very flu-ridden.” Rave on, Sarah Murrell.

January 3, 2012
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Punchlist, Week Of 1/2/12

Chaos and disorder, mayhem and locally brewed beer. You’re gonna need chicken soup after ticking off Sarah Murrell‘s to-do list. She’s got a plan for that, too.