Highlights from a 200-word US Weekly Article in Which a Celebrity Visits Three Cities

A new poem by Sarah Layden.

Carpe Lucem

“The neighborhood keeps changing, pieces gone missing, as if the waters that once rushed through drowned an entire culture. No more brunch, no more Sunday leisure and crème brulee French toast. Now we have rats, cement.” A Mythic Indy story by Sarah Layden.

How One Jellyfish Stung 100 People

“Jellyfish slithers in and out, surfs / the waves, looking more like a brain / than we who have them, who hide that / organ in skulls beneath skin beneath / hair elaborately styled,” New poetry from Sarah Layden.

May 9, 2012
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“He spent ________ on ________, eventually exchanging it for ________. / That ________ helped. / In her purse were gift cards worth ________. There was ________ she wanted to buy.” New poetry from Sarah Layden.

April 11, 2012
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Emily_Deschanel_Wallpaper Emily_Deschanel_Wallpaper

Beautiful, Embarrassing (A found poem)

“A car, listen, a car / on tape is a little beautiful. A little like / a book, blasting. Pull up. I like you.” New poetry from Sarah Layden.

February 29, 2012
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Shia-Lebouf-Megan2 Shia-Lebouf-Megan2

What Shia LaBeouf Won’t Do With Megan Fox

“Sit on roof at sunset. / Share cab, plate of calamari, milkshake. / Irrigate dusty remote village. / Sing duet, harmony, or high register.” New poetry from Sarah Layden.

January 3, 2012
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The Bourne Trilogy Prequels: Mini-Treatments

Memory-challenged CIA assassin Jason Bourne wanted to know who he was. But first he had to know where he came from. Sarah Layden has a treatment for that.