Sugar, Spice, and Cupcakes are Nice

“As most unlikely love stories do, mine began while waiting in line at the bank. When you live in a small town, a trip to the bank can take a while. That’s how I heard about the new cupcake store downtown.” A sweet photo essay by Nicole Ross.


Bet You Don’t Know: Break Of Reality

“But there I sat one evening, stooped over my keyboard like a literary Hunchback of Notre Dame, pounding out sentence after strained sentence. Occasionally, I paused, casting my eyes heavenward as I begged for inspiration.” All Nicole Rossneeded was a Break of Reality.


Boy Films For Fast Women

“Hard-hitting dramas jam-packed with explosions, fights, and fast cars? The same movies I’d once mocked as shallow, jock-blockbusters? They’re the only films that make my hard-hitting little heart go pitter-patter these days.” Nicole Ross is probably a Michael Bay fan.

January 15, 2012
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Bet You Don’t Know: Uncorked

At Sachem Farm, Trade Winds, Higher Love–no matter what you call it, Uncorked is a dynamite little film with a song that’s haunted Nicole Ross for years.