Where He Was Calling From: Reflecting on the 25th Anniversary of Raymond Carver’s Passing

“I came to Raymond Carver relatively late in life. Given that much of his work is barely thirty years old, little of it is taught in classrooms. Yet given today’s society with Americans marrying later and having kids later, perhaps discovering Carver before one’s 30th birthday is premature.”

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic

“The candid photographs are at times haunting, and scenes from his act provide enough material on their own to fill this 84-minute documentary.” A review by Michael Ward.

Snapping Back on Life and Family

“Although he has an electric guitar collection worth well into the thousands of dollars and owes more than $70,000 in student loans, he’ll never part with the guitars and he feels no moral obligation to pay back the loans.” Michael Ward reviews A Rubber Band is an Unlikely Instrument.

April 2, 2013
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A Boat, a River, and the Specter of Forgetting

“Jacobs is at his most poignant when reading through his father’s diary and rediscovering the naivete and delusions of youth.” Michael Ward reviews Michael Jacobs’s travel memoir.