The Worst Thing

“The worst that might happen / is that you go blind in one eye.” Worst-case poetry from Meg Eden.

Lies My Cousin Told Me That I Believed

“that Methodists drank blood for communion, / and worshipped in the dead of night,” A new poem by Meg Eden.

For the Masturbator on a Tokyo Subway Line

“Don’t fondle gaijin / breasts. They will shout / at you: It is forbidden!” A new poem by Meg Eden.

April 3, 2013
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My First Time

“When the police officer pulled me over he asked, is this your first time being pulled over?” A new poem by Meg Eden.

July 31, 2012
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A Visit To An Onsen: II

“There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting / in a lawn-chair, naked—forgetting / the inevitable bacteria transferring from body to body, / or acknowledging how you, surely, have the highest / concentration of body hair in this whole country.” New poetry from Meg Eden.

March 14, 2012
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Adam and Eve Adam and Eve

The Fall

“The snake painted purple / moons under his eyes; she picks / at her cuticle and tells / him to hurry up.” New poetry from Meg Eden.