Have a Stick on Me

“Everyone had 4 or 5 children, and needed to go out without them. 50 cents an hour. I cleaned the house, folded baskets upon baskets of laundry, took care of children, whose ages were skipping stones 5, 4, 3, 2, months old, including a set of twins.” M.J. Iuppa on working for gum money.

Blind Date, 1970

“The ceremonial vows of undying love were followed by dancing and eating and reveling until it was time to go to a basketball game.” M. J. Iuppa on a date to remember.


She Mutters,

“Slowly she sticks her neck out, not because she cares, because
care would mean she has a cure, which isn’t her medicine.” New poetry from M.J. Iuppa.