Nominations for Unforgettable Performance by a Fish

Sometimes the best thing in the frame is the fish. Here are my nominations for the best fish of film and TV: Gail from The West Wing Ace newsman Danny wants to win over White House press secretary C.J. Cregg. When a friend tips Danny off that she loves goldfish, he doesn’t realize it’s the…


Love & Mercy Unpacks the Brian Wilson Legend

Have you ever spent a whole day listening to Pet Sounds, from “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” to “Caroline No,” again and again? Each song is an epiphany, but rapid-fire epiphanies are hard to absorb, so…you have to go back to the beginning. When you step into the world of Pet Sounds, you’ve stepped into the…


An Open Letter to Mr. Tom Hanks from Wilson the Volleyball

“I know I would have taken a pounding, but that would have been as nothing compared to the psychological bruising of having you put words in my mouth—words I would never utter.” Wilson the volleyball is ready to speak for himself.

January 4, 2014
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An Open Letter to Fred Thompson About Those Reverse-Mortgage Ads

“Henry Winkler also touts reverse-mortgage loans in TV ads. I hope viewers remember that The Fonz had a toilet for an office.” Liz Main calls bullshit.

December 15, 2013
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Dr. Dog Begged, So I Let Them Into My Pop Pantheon

“ANTI- Records, the band’s label since 2009, has been making efforts to gain a wider audience for Dr. Dog. I feel the label’s pain—when I started listening to the band, I couldn’t believe they weren’t more popular.” What Liz Main loves about Dr. Dog.

October 14, 2013
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Searching for Joni Mitchell’s “California”

“That night, we sleep on the beach by the train station in Oceanside. My broiling eyelids wake me the next morning. Jody is already awake, lounging on her sleeping bag, waifishly beautiful, literally surrounded by flirtatious surfer boys.” What Joni Mitchell’s “California” means to Liz Main.

July 18, 2013
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An Open Letter to Dawes

“People say your music evokes the 1970s Southern California rock of Jackson Browne and the Eagles, and I don’t disagree. But just as often, I’m reminded of The Band or Creedence Clearwater Revival.” Liz Main is going to see Dawes. Who’s with her?

June 12, 2013
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Glenn Gass on That White Square Officially Called “The Beatles”

The IU professor and Beatles historian spoke the White Album at iMOCA yesterday as part of Indiana Humanities’ INConversation series. Which brings back memories for Liz Main .

March 11, 2013
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Drinkin’ Things

“There are some happy drinking songs, but they’re not really about drinking; they’re about getting wild or having fun.” Liz Main doesn’t really see the point of those songs.

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