Remembering to Remember

““There are moments in every life that are game changers, moments when, after it’s over, everything is different.” Robert Rebein discusses his new book Dragging Wyatt Earp with Josh Flynn.

The Circus In Winter

“The play was one of eight new works selected from 152 entries presented October 11-12, featuring a professional cast highlighted by two-time Tony award winning actress Sutton Foster.” Josh Flynn chronicles a Ball State success story.

Finals Bound

“Tamika Catchings has been there many times. Right on the edge. Gold within her grasp. But there’s always been something to keep her from her ultimate goal: the WNBA championship.” Josh Flynn wonders if this is the Fever’s year.

August 16, 2012
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Questions, Obstacles, Olympians

“If the Fever come back from the break clicking, they could be a legitimate title contender.” Josh Flynn wants a picture of Tamika Catching holding that championship trophy.

June 19, 2012
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Play Hurt Or Go Broke

“Money lures our women basketball stars overseas. The top players can see their WNBA pay multiplied six times or more.” Which, says Josh Flynn, means year ’round basketball and more injuries.

May 24, 2012
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09 Fever Game 014 vs Silver Stars 09 Fever Game 014 vs Silver Stars

Lucky Thirteen

“I’ve seen this hundreds of times: Katie Douglas standing alone outside the three-point arc, her arms cocked, waiting to fire.” Let Josh Flynn be your guide to the beautiful sport of women’s basketball.

November 8, 2011
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Girl_punk Girl_punk

Moving On

“She is with a friend, a 20-something punk girl whose hair explodes in black jagged shards. She wears an Iggy Pop t-shirt and ripped black jeans.” New fiction from Josh Flynn.