Punchlist, Week of 12/16/13

“We like to say a lot of things in America, and many of the things we say are based on more emotion than actual information. So, in the spirit of holidays, I think a handful of holiday misunderstandings need a little clarification.” Jenny Walton disabuses you of some Christmas bullshit.

An Open Letter To Margaret Atwood

“What I remember was a story about how, early on, you set out to find your crazy–because all the really good artists are crazy–and then eventually you gave up on being crazy because you didn’t mind laundry and you didn’t like smoking and you’d decided the whole thing might be overrated.” Jenny Walton gushes.

To The Waitress At The Smiley Creek Campground Lodge Who Questioned The Validity Of My Driver’s License

“Thank you. I understand that my driver’s license is from another state, and that you’re having difficulty locating my birth date because in Indiana we don’t put it where you put it here in Idaho.”