Top Chef

Dishes Served on Top Chef for Cats with Comments Made by Head Judge Tom Colicchio to the cheftestants during Judges’ Table

Vomit gazpacho with poached gopher liver topped with a salad of freshly cut grass and catnip One problem I have with this dish is that there’s so much grass in the vomit itself, there’s no need to throw more grass on there! That salad was overkill. And the catnip just overpowers everything. And the gazpacho…


Places I Visited in 2015

Middle aged, young, and even a few old Europeans were everywhere, generally behaving like American college students on spring break: vomiting on things, yelling, leaving piles of trash in pristine parks, randomly pretending to be DJs, and tripping me when I got off the plane.
A new Random Review by Jen Bingham


2015 Christmas Letter from Walter Palmer, the Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion

“I’m alive,” sang my heart and my bones. “I’m alive,” sang my sinews. “Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea,” sang my sense of self preservation.

April 27, 2015
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Noises Coworkers Make

“I’m glad to report limited success with my crunch rage. I’m even gladder to report that my cats eat pretty far away from my desk.” Jen Bingham has feelings about your diet.

February 11, 2015
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White Hipsters Reeling after Second Serious Blow

“‘I can’t imagine what my life will be like without Jon Stewart,’ said everyone on Twitter.” Jen Bingham reports on a breaking hipster crisis.

January 28, 2015
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A Review of “American Sniper”

“He is good at shooting people and he feels like it protects the people he cares about. But he isn’t happy about it.” Jen Bingham reviews American Sniper.

January 13, 2015
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Teevee Shows I Watched While I Was Sick

“It reminds me of mini Oreo cookies…it’s not objectively delicious. Or is it?” In any case, Jen Bingham is too sick to stop watching.

August 11, 2014
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Some Things That Have Lived Up to the Hype (or Not)

“I will admit that I would definitely get a poster with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on it. Especially if they are hugging puppies.” Things, according to Jen Bingham, that lived up to the hype.

July 20, 2014
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Random Review: Quiz Results

“It is hard to be angry about being classed with one of the most powerful badasses known to fiction.” Jen Bingham is Darth Vader. And other characters, whether she likes them or not.

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