In A Valley Full Of Bones

“By the time the bath towel hit the floor, it was too late. My stepcousin Aaron had already sprung from the family circle that had gathered around the Ouija board and disappeared downstairs.” New fiction by Jason Roemer.

JasonRoemer-Crosstown Cab copy

Crosstown Cab

“You mean to tell me, you’re gonna just hop on a plane, walk up to a grown woman you haven’t seen since you were children, and then what, just pop the question right then and there?!?” Yep. Stuart has a plan. New fiction from Jason Roemer, illustration by Aaron Scamihorn.

Dear Ad Illustration

Dear Dad

“I can’t remember if mom was in here earlier with all the commotion. I’m sure she’s at home, two beers deeper into her 12-pack, not giving a shit about me or Danny, who’s likely out harassing more trailer pets, stoned out of his mind.”

December 5, 2011
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JasonRoemer-Chop Saws  Nail Guns JasonRoemer-Chop Saws  Nail Guns

Chop Saws And Nail Guns

“Lord knows I’m no angel. But I’m not the monster they make me out to be either. This is just what you get when some dude gets the wrong idea about things.” New fiction by Jason Roemer (and a killer illustration by Aaron Scamihorn).