A Biopic Better Left Behind

“Douglas’ performance takes the wrong cue. He is a (presumably) straight actor playing a gay part–and this should create a contract with his cable audience. Except that he does not commit.” Jaime Franchi is committed to not liking Behind the Candelabra.

It’s Different for Girls

“It made it okay to watch because a crazy chick makes interesting television; even more, it makes up a show that is bigger than the small lives of four privileged Brooklyn girls. It has a message about illness.” Jaime Franchi wants her Girls back.

Homeland Is Where The Heart Is

“At its roots, Homeland is a love story. There’s the forbidden sex, the meaningful looks, the trust issues, and the ever-present suspicions of betrayal. Yet, the most intimate scenes where love is portrayed at its most honest and most brutal don’t feature Brody at all.” Jaime Franchi recaps Season 2 of Homeland.

November 26, 2012
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Punchlist, Week Of 11/26/12

“Before you go getting all huffy and start spouting the First Amendment, let me say that I’m not promoting putting limits on your right to free speech.” Jaime Franchi suggests you shut up about some stuff.

September 20, 2012
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Death Without Pity

“Christopher Hitchens’s latest book Mortality ends much too quickly, an irony that surely would not be lost on its author.” Jaime Franchi considers Mortality.

July 23, 2012
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Why I Love The Newsroom

“Like The West Wing, which imagined a values-based presidential administration, The Newsroom imagines what it would be like if the news came to us with a backdrop of decency and responsibility.” Jaime Franchi is a big fan.