“Paradise wasn’t lost; it was taken away / over a tree-turf dispute between God’s / children and God’s pride.” New poetry from Danny Earl Simmons.

Portrait Of A Woman In Soft Brown Pastels

“She hung on the wall / opposite the stairs – / hair full, bulbous, / entirely aware of itself.” A new poem by Danny Earl Simmons.


Firsthand Knowledge

“I am firsthand knowledge / of holding nothing back. Don’t tell me / I held back, that I did not strap them / to the altar, watch their jugulars pulse,” New poetry from Dan Simmons.

April 4, 2012
Written By:
cinnamon-other cinnamon-other


“This time, warm cinnamon / rolls spice the air, wisting her / eyes closed as she lingers in / not remembering everything.” New poetry from Dan Simmons.