On Me and Republicanism in Indiana

“What was once the party of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has become ugly in its old age. It has become a party of power-hunger and partisanship.” Damon Elliott Jordan reflects on his history–and what it means to be a Republican in Indiana.

Punchlist, Week of 12/30/13

“The liver brings us sobriety from alcohol and the processing of chemicals necessary to help overcome regaining sobriety.” Damon Elliott Jordan names his Internal Human Organ of the Year–and more.

Bet You Don’t Know Masters of Atlantis

“Masters of Atlantis is a kind of masterpiece. With a plot just complicated enough to maintain pace, and a deadpan delivery sure to make you laugh, Charles Portis might just be the best writer that you’ve never read.” So claims Damon Elliott Jordon.