Pilkie Invents A Word

“When Jerome Pilkie was young his father told him that real money was to be made in inventing, in creating something out of nothing.” New fiction by Corey Mesler.

Something About Clea

“She was a Scandinavian princess. She worked at the perfume counter at Goldsmith’s.” A short story in dialogue by Corey Mesler.

The Pilot

“You grew up and fell in love with books and this always has seemed a fine way to expend your liveliness, following phantoms from one room to another, from life to death, from chapter one to chapter infinity. Books, you told yourself, are like airplanes.” New fiction from Corey Mesler.

January 10, 2012
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Bucky Bustard

“He was tall and well-built and athletic and as handsome as a chevalier. He had shoulder length blond hair which he wore sometimes in a ponytail. He had cheekbones you could cut cheese on. And when he sat on the basketball team’s bench he crossed one leg over the other, like a girl. It was European. It was sexy.”