The Cadaver

“The dead man’s lolling head stared with glassy blue eyes and gaping mouth. Susan, my sister-in-law, thrust boxes of Stove Top in my hand as she bent to lift the man’s dragging feet over the threshold.” Flash Hybrid Noir from contest runner-up Carol Divish.

Sailing the High Trees

“Knuckles’ stared at the little bell in her palm. It wasn’t much silver, but it was more than he’d expected from her. ‘There are ferocious bears that stalk these woods,’ she told him earnestly. ‘They will rip a man to shreds.’” A MythicIndy story by Carol Divish.

And The Cat Came Back

“Outlined by a perfectly timed bolt of lightening, it looked like some dog’s favorite chew toy. Matted and wet, one ear cocked raggedly to the side. Its slack jaw spilled a puddle of drool.” Carol Divish has another of our Zombific(a)tion! contest winners.

September 6, 2011
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Young woman showing the middle finger Young woman showing the middle finger

To The Plant Manager’s Wife Who Loudly Asked Me, “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?” At The Management Holiday Party

“Speaking of marriage, how about a nice zinger about getting my MRS degree? No? Well, there’s always next year. No reason to blow all your best material in the first five minutes.”

August 30, 2011
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Punchout: The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson

Traci Cumbay is the queen of the Punchouts. Can upstart challenger Carol Divish knock her out? Read what they have to say about The Psychopath Test and decide for yourself.