March Madness in the Moneyball Era

“There is a Moneyball approach to picking March Madness–one that gives you the highest probability of winning–but it is so boring no one will use it.” B.J. Fischer‘s boring strategy.

Sun Tzu’s Magic Kingdom

“The news about the Sun Tzu theme park did get me to worrying, though. We hear every day about how we are losing to the Chinese. Could this be one more example? Could we be missing out on another new trend: literary theme parks?” B.J. Fischer makes a bold proposal.

Meet America’s Next (And Most Unlikely) Management Guru

“You say you are too busy to do something great, but if Bettie Page showed up with twenty feet of rope and two hours to kill, you’d have time for that, right?” There’s someone B.J. Fischer would like you to meet.

June 11, 2012
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Coffee_Cup Coffee_Cup

A Coffee Mug: A Tale Of Mortality

“When holding (literally) something very good in my hands, I resisted the urge to discard it for something newer just because it was available. This is not how people in consumer societies typically operate.” B.J. Fischer loved that coffee mug.

April 29, 2012
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517g67urq4L 517g67urq4L

The Anxiety Of The Devoted

“In many ways, it is as difficult to describe the brilliance of Caro’s work as it is to describe Starry Night. Caro is an incredible researcher, but research does not fuel these books. Caro’s true genius is as a storyteller.” B.J. Fischer is looking forward to Passage to Power.