The Adorable Side Of Mental Illness

“Anyway, I was in Target and there was Bradley Cooper wearing nothing but a 20% off sticker. What else was I to do? Bradley Cooper is legit, like, Sexiest Man in the World. Or on Earth. Or in People magazine.” Ann Landsberger reviews Silver Linings Playbook, the book.

Punchlist, Week Of 12/17/12

“Like most mothers of five, my natural state is in the fetal position – clutching a gin and tonic containing a bendy straw.” Ann Landsberger comes up with five reasons to unfetal.

Nineteen Years And The (Not) Bourne (Not) Legacy

Rolling Stone gave this movie two and a half stars. I give it One Cheap-Ass Handbag, as in, ‘On the way to this movie I bought a cheap-ass handbag so I could sneak in my Hot Tamales.'” Ann Landsberger loves her Hot Tamales.

March 7, 2012
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A Super Fan’s Lament

“I write this as he delivers his speech and I cry with him, but with far less grace. I don’t let go easily. He mentioned that he’s worn the horseshoe for most of his adult life, and that stands true for me, as well. I followed him from Tennessee to Indiana and never looked back.”

November 21, 2011
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Punchlist, Week Of 11/21/11

“Tis the season to gather with your neighbors or office folk or football pool and share lovely baked things made with equal parts heart and sugar and milk fat.” Ann Landsberger says take your diet and shove it.