Take a Little Trip With Me

“A coal miner’s only daughter, Kim had a pugnacious discernment, and she knew all the dirt on everyone in that part of Appalachia. She also had a tiny blue dot tattooed on her chest, leftover from her battle with cancer when she was a teenager.” Ann Henry-Callahan has a story about “Low Rider.”


“What I’d like to know is how is it that you never really see all that many pumpkins growing, then suddenly it’s October and there are thousands of them stacked up everywhere you turn.” And other things Ann Henry-Callahan thinks about the fall.

Punchlist, Week of 10/14/13

“Gene Wilder totally nailed the Willy Wonka thing. I mean, the epileptic-mongoose-in-a-hurricane hairstyle, the secret-loaded twinkle in the eye, the occasional tangent of possible psychosis with just a hint of Santa Claus.” And other thoughts Ann Henry-Callahan had in the shower.

January 9, 2013
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Serial Killer

“It’s all fun and games, and only the credit cards get abused. That is, until the serial killer decided to tag along.” New fiction by Ann Henry-Callahan.

December 3, 2012
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Punchlist, Week Of 12/3/12

“This is a shockingly universal go-to item. There’s an extensive arsenal of styles and intensity levels available, and it is physically impossible not to at least chuckle a little when you pelt someone with foam.” Ann Henry-Callahan tells you what to buy.

November 15, 2012
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“One time they bought my piece in one hour and fifty-seven minutes, which is probably a record or something; but it was a fairly amazing chunk of prose if I do say so myself.” And you do, Ann Henry-Callahan.

October 22, 2012
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Punchlist, Week Of 10/22/12

“Among my peers, my musical tastes are legendary for their enthusiastic pedestrianism; which makes me uniquely qualified for this Punchlist.” Ann Henry-Callahan can’t forget these songs.

October 8, 2012
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“This year they had us serving an inexplicable chili beer, which is literally brewed with jalapenos; and some vile pumpkin beer concoction rich with cinnamon and allspice.” New fiction from Ann Henry-Callahan.

September 24, 2012
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Rainbow Connection

“I’m back in college, in a packed auditorium come to life with flickering Bics, roommates and friends soaking in the realization that they’re not the only one who knows the lyrics.” Lovers, dreamers, and Ann Henry-Callahan.

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