You’ve seen the diagrams

of snowflake ovals,

elliptic rings boldly

bordering the orbs

that cluster together

at the core of the

universal microcosm.


It’s the tragedy of the atom—

that we can’t draw

the last irreducible

building blocks of

our universe

without lying.


There are no snowflake ovals.

No static black lines

drawn still around

the nuclei like a veil

over the face of a bride.


There is a dynamic

three-dimensional dance

cycling forever through

gravity’s rhyming grooves

as protons and electrons

are drawn like lovers

forever through

space too sacred for

eyes naked and ashamed,

mirroring the orbital

choreography that whirls

earths through starlit heavens

to the same inexorable

music that draws us all

into its holy place.


Some mysteries

are better conceived of

than explained.


Post Script:


With what tongue shall I address

one who spins stars and atoms

that rhyme through gravity’s grooves?



Jordan Legg is originally from Oshawa, Ontario, and holds a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor. He’s been published in Strong Verse, Allegory eZine,, and On The Premises, among others. Follow him on Twitter at @JordanLegg2.

Photo credit:“8orbitals” by Ulrich Mohrhoff – own work, created with David Manthey’s free Orbital Viewer. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –