“You and a friend will ride bikes through Central Park with Bono. Grab an ice cream, share stories, and take home plenty of signed merchandise. Be flown to New York City and stay in a 4-star hotel.”Omaze + (Red) Campaign

  • Help Carrot Top install vent pipe flashing on the roof of his beach house. Then huddle by his refrigerator eating cookie dough right from the tube.
  • Visit seventeen Rite Aids with Al Pacino in search of a nose hair trimmer, stopping once for gyros.
  • Cokie Roberts joins you for Easter dinner at the kids’ table, where you’ll arm wrestle each other for a stale hot cross bun.
  • You’ll enjoy boiling hot dogs on a camp stove next to James Dean’s grave.
  • Anthony Kiedis hires you to clean out his turtle tank (not a euphemism for anything–these are six fairly feisty red eared sliders). He pays you in hard candy.
  • You’ll sit next to Oprah at a coffee shop while she helps you finish the Jumble. She may offer you a breath mint.
  • Jim Caviezel explains the phenomenon of extreme couponing while you chew on your own arm.


Photos: (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:CarrotTop.jpg, 
https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:James_Caviezel3.jpg) via Wikimedia Commons.