Counter Rant

I don’t mind when people pick their teeth
pick their nose
mess up the punchline
dress up their dogs
talk on their cell phones
eat off my plate
forget to recycle
say the wrong name
O world I love you looking
the wrong way mouth slack
as you cross the road


People Yelling in German

The Germans are fighting in the hallway
and although I don’t speak the language
I know I agree with the woman.

I wish the man would pipe down.
I wish the man would get angry enough
to storm off and not come back.

The woman would grieve for a time
but after a full night’s sleep
she’d see it’s not bad to have a full night’s sleep.
Who wants to be yelled at in German?

He could say, “I like your clothes
and the poem you wrote,
although it’s not German”

please let me sleep I’d say
please let me sleep you are wrong.


Romie Stott’s writing has been recently published in Strange Horizons, LIT, Arc, inkscrawl, Dark Mountain, and by Dybbuk Press.

Photo by istolethetv (yoga dog) ( via Wikimedia Commons.