Q: What is the Bread Bowl made from?

A: We’re tempted to say bread. But we realize your question goes deeper than that. Our Bread Bowls begin their existence as fields of North Dakota and Kanas red wheat and reserves of pure, Colorado spring water. There’s some yeast and sugar in there, too. We let the dough rise twice to make it fluffy and light. Then we form it into the shape of a bowl.

Q: Is the Bread Bowl really shaped like a bowl?

A: Yes. See above.

Q: What can you have in the Bread Bowl? Salad? Chili? Soup?

A: Yes, yes, and yes. We like to say that whatever you can eat from a regular bowl, you can eat from a Bread Bowl. Though in truth the thinner, clearer soups may be a bit much for your Bread Bowl, and soak through the “crust,” and compromise your Bread Bowl’s integrity by making it soggy and less bowl-shaped. But that depends on how quickly you eat. If you eat fairly quickly, you will probably find our broad claim to be correct.

Q: Can I eat ice cream from the Bread Bowl?

A: Currently, we don’t serve any ice cream at Breadland, in any kind of container, edible or otherwise. However, the Bread Bowl is designed in such a way that eating ice cream out of it would certainly be possible (see above).

We do have a policy at Breadland prohibiting the consumption on our premises of outside foods. So bringing your own ice cream into a Breadland restaurant in order to eat it from a Bread Bowl is prohibited by policy. That said, were you to violate our outside-food policy by bringing ice cream into a Breadland, you could probably eat it from a Bread Bowl before anybody noticed. And even if they did, a lot of our staff probably would not care.

Q: Can I order a plain Bread Bowl to go?

A: We have never offered, and have no plans to offer, an empty Bread Bowl as a stand-alone or to-go menu item. Why not? Because that is not in the true spirit of the Bread Bowl.

Q: What is the true spirit of the Bread Bowl?

A: The true spirit of the Bread Bowl is of wholesome, American-raised ingredients combined with passion and dedication, served in a bowl made from the same, and eaten alongside other wholesome Americans in a Breadland restaurant or franchise. With good-smelling coffee and wholesome, American-recorded music in the mix.

Q: What if my Bread Bowl is torn or punctured and does not function properly as a bowl?

A: We are committed to the quality of our products. If your Bread Bowl should fail to function properly as a bowl, we will happily replace it at no cost and help you to pour the contents of the old Bread Bowl into the new Bread Bowl. Unless you did something to the old Bread Bowl. Did you bite a hole in the bottom of your Bread Bowl before consuming its contents? Some of our customers have admitted to this compulsion.

Q: How can I best care for my Bread Bowl to ensure its beauty and utility?

A: The Breadland Bread Bowl is intended as a bread-themed homage to a classic form of American tableware, and is notable mainly for its novelty and marketing appeal. It is not intended as a keepsake, and certainly not as a permanent part of your dining room set. It is not meant to be varnished, shellacked, bronzed, encased in plastic enamel, or otherwise preserved.

Breadland Restaurants and its parent company, GoodTimeBrands, shall be held harmless regarding any use of the Bread Bowl that extends beyond the customer’s one-time use as a bowl at the Breadland restaurant where it was purchased. Any other use shall constitute a violation of the contract implicitly entered into by the customer upon purchase of the Breadland entrée including the Bread Bowl.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Please enjoy your Bread Bowl responsibly. And try our new Breadland Caesar Salad in a Bread Bowl with a Bread Cup of soup on the side, plus all-you-can-eat Dried, Herbed Bread Cubes, all for just $7.99. (See Bread Cup FAQ for more answers to your questions about the Breadland Bread Cup.)


Robin Beery lives in Indianapolis and is a writer/producer at Well Done Marketing.