Because sometimes I feel I’m real good
and tonight is that night. Or maybe it’s the
plum wine or the rice wine or the apricot wine
but listen,

I read that South Koreans drink twice as much as Russians
and four times as much as Americans. I know they don’t kiss
enough. By “they” I mean “us.” By “us” I mean
me. But I love kissing, the word kiss,
the involuntary ellipsis
inside the s’s, omission of what comes
after, because a kiss does
suspend everything.

Kiss me on the head, kiss me on the cheeks,
kiss me on the nose, I am sweetened
enough tonight. Kiss me on the hand
and kiss me on the neck.
Tonight is that night,
and it’s not the wine.


Emily Yoon is an MFA candidate at New York University. Her poems have been published in APIARY, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and others.

Statue at Burghley House by Jason Ballard ( via Wikimedia Commons.