Midwesterners are notoriously humble and self-effacing, but lucky for me my grandfolks were from Texas. That means I won’t hesitate to brag that this Friday at Well Done Marketing I get to MC an event hosting three of the most talented writers working in the heartland today.

Literary journal Midwestern Gothic has teamed up with Well Done and Punchnel’s to bring you the literary event of the summer. Consider:

10479658_10152317709341406_3679339008065509795_oThe Talent

What do McSweeney’s, the Rumpus, Sundog Lit, Hayden’s Ferry Review and the Believer all have in common? If you said they’re all hugely respected literary and cultural journals, you’re only halfway there. Those journals are also a small fraction of the publications that have featured our readers.

Reading the publication credits of our readers, Jen Bingham, Angela Palm, and Anne Valente, is like reading a well-curated list of today’s most popular and relevant journals. On Friday, you’ll get to see them all in one place for the first time ever.

The Journal

Midwestern Gothic is one of the most exciting print journals being published today, and holy god are these guys hungry. Since 2011, they’ve published incredible work from Midwestern writers, and they only keep growing.

This year alone, they organized the first ever “Voices of the Middle West” literary conference at the University of Michigan, and they created the Lake Prize for fiction and poetry to recognize outstanding work that best represent the Midwest.

These are the people behind Friday night’s reading. Do they sound like they plan to waste your time?

The Venue

Thanks to the generosity of Well Done Marketing and Punchnel’s, we’ve staked out some prime real estate in gorgeous Fountain Square. Grab your friends and keep your post-reading buzz going with  drinks at La Revolucion, Thunderbird, or the White Rabbit Cabaret.


That’s right, me. Because let me tell you something – I spend most of my life like the protagonist of some 1950s French film, bored of everything and cursing the meaninglessness of existence through my cigarette. So when I find something that gets me excited, you’d better believe it’s going to be a good time. Discover for yourself why Nuvo named me the city’s “Most Troubling Cultural Barometer.”

Location: Well Done Marketing, 1043 Virginia Avenue
Date: Friday, August 22nd
Time: 7:00 PM