1364472975_Bryan-Cranston-as-Walter-White-and-Aaron-Paul-as-Jesse-Pinkman-cooking-metha-in-TV serie-Breaking Bad-1Breaking Bad
11 stars out of 4

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang these motherfuckers know how to crank it up to 11.  I will tell you why, in list form.

  • When discussing my reactions to the end of the series and some of the stuff that happens in the final season/episode, I started crying. In an Indian restaurant. I was with My Editor and she seemed to find this normal behavior.
  • Although I have vehemently resisted agreeing with Certain People who stamp this show as the Best Show, I will admit that I would definitely get a poster with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on it. Especially if they are hugging puppies.
  • Recently while running and thinking about why I don’t like The Great American Novel all that much (too serious), I realized that Breaking Bad is the teevee equivalent of The Great American Novel and I love The Great American Novel in teevee form. But then later I decided it isn’t the Great American Novel in teevee form. What is the Great American Novel to me, you ask? Middle class people whining about their privilege.
  • Despite the fact that he is supremely unattractive in the show, I now think that Bryan Cranston is the sexiest man ever born. Get him a People cover, stat!
  • I have not felt interest in watching any other dramatic teevee show. Because when you’ve been with the best, to heck with the rest. AMIRITE?

Finishing the First Draft of a Novel
4 stars out of 4

Guys, this was supposed to be the most amazing day of my life. I was supposed to be radiant with joy at having finally achieved one of my few life goals.

Instead, I cried.

Because? You know that feeling when you finish reading a book you loved So Much? Well, I had that times one million and a half. Plus, I cry about everything that ever happened (see Breaking Bad entry). Plus, I have some sort of strange emotional landscape that creates fear out of accomplishment. Working on it!

But even though the immediate reaction wasn’t what I expected. Even though the novel is as yet (and may forever remain) unpublished. Even though I decided I need to revise. It’s still: The Best Thing Ever. Not as good as Breaking Bad, put pretty damn good. Actually the Breaking Bad thing is mostly just hyperbole. I like this even better.

1 star out of 4

Full disclosure: I watched only one episode. I thought it was well done, but jeez, what a bunch of dbags. I remember what it was like to a weirdo, underemployed, emotionally unstable lady in my twenties and I don’t want to get into a long involved series about the topic. Next!

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
3.5 stars out of 4

Does John Green 100 percent nail the voice of a 16 year old girl? I have a few doubts but they’re not fully formed doubts. My doubts may be the result of hearing and seeing him talk — noting his similarities to our lovely, our doomed, our 16 year old girl narrator. What he does nail is my beating heart to a sad little cross in the Literal Heart of Jesus. This book is straight up good and if you haven’t read it: GO READ IT. Jeez. You people who haven’t read John Green! (Like me, not that long ago.)

Even though this book is So Great, I had to slightly lower the score due to a certain amount of hype-related disappointment, for which I apologize to John Green and all John Green lovers. Or should they apologize to me? Shut up about John Green, already, you are creating hype-related disappointment.

3 stars out of 4

Blogging is cool, bro. Have you heard of it? It’s a pormanteau word of “web log” and is meant to be a sort of online diary, but some use it for all different kinds of purposes including self promotion, promoting yourself, and giving yourself a better platform for promotion. Plus, you get to focus on promoting your personal brand.

Actually, though, I like it a lot! The only thing that is bad is how you constantly have to crank out content, forcing yourself to do things you like and write about topics that are interesting to you!

In short, as a Perennial Late Adopter of Everything Ever, I give it a thumbs up along with my late thumbs up on iPhones (hesitant thumb on that), answering machines, cell phones, having a phone at all.