My wife and I look forward to summer more than any other season. We enjoy staples like pool time, fruity cocktails, and patio lounging. And we especially look forward to Indianapolis-specific events, such as the Indiana State Fair, St.Thomas Aquinas Sausage Fest, and the Microbrew Festival. But we look forward to nothing more than the Indianapolis International Film Festival.

Starting on July 18, the IFF will feature hundreds of films over ten days. The primary headquarters is at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, utilizing two rooms: the Toby Theater and the DeBoest Lecture Hall. Sun King Brewery and Just Pop In will be on hand. The films will be good–I mean really good. Trust me.

If this was all there was to it, it would be more than enough to please casual film fans and diehards alike. But the IFF gang, as always, have gone above and beyond. They’re bringing their Roving Cinema concept–one-night screenings at various locations around the city–to the main festival, screening venue-related films at The Libertine, Tibbs Drive-In, Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community, and Harrison Center gymnasium.

There are many must-sees, but none should draw a bigger crowd than the tremendous, inspiring Medora, a documentary directed by Andrew Cohn and Davy Rothbart. Focusing on the struggling 0-22 Medora, Indiana high school basketball team, Medora manages to be an inspiring story of the underdog and a heartbreaking story of a small American town struggling in the downturned economy.

Matter of Fact Shorts is a collection of seven short films and is worth seeing if only for Slomo, which will make you want to quit your job, sell all your stuff and buy a pair of Rollerblades.

All of the details are available at the IFF website,, including trailers for every film and a very cool calendar so you can schedule your screenings. Tickets are available individually, or you can splurge for the $150 all-access pass, which pays for itself quickly if you attend a lot of screenings. And why wouldn’t you? This is Indianapolis at its absolute finest.

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