“Physicists in Italy said Wednesday they are achingly close to
concluding that what they found last year was the Higgs-Boson.”
–AP, March 6, 2013

The newspapers call it the God particle,
which embarrasses the scientists, but still
it makes you think they believe in deity.

Some of them pray, or so I’ve heard,
and some take communion, bloated,
as they are, on ten or eleven dimensions.

We’re talking Genesis here,
when all I can think about is the End.
The headline back in ’08 foretold

a discovery of the beginning of whatever
it was I came into as a star. But they failed
to find it that first Wednesday after all.

And ever since, year in and year out,
they’ve been saying, we’re close, we’re close,
now achingly so, even as things go wrong

again and again. So they comb their hair,
go out for coffee, sometimes for a wine or a kir,
chatting each other up, rather creatively,

in words they pass on to the Press.
They kid themselves into believing
in the Beginning, denying the End—

which, perhaps on the Third Day,
will happen faster than light.