She was the type of ________ who didn’t get enough ________ as a child,
leading to unparalleled ________.

He spent ________ on ________, eventually exchanging it for ________.
That  ________  helped.

In her purse were gift cards worth ________. There was ________ she wanted to buy.

Ask anybody: ________ can be cured. Just ________.

Note the brigade of ________. They are not responsible for your ________.

If her parents had only ________ more. If his parents had only ________
less. If their parents had only ________.

Therapy can take the form of ________, ________ or ________. You pick.

At the ________ they bought outfits for walking around the ________.

The preteens are surprisingly ________. The thirty-somethings are never ________.

The young grandmother loads her ________ with ________.

The cell phone hears ________.

This generation is about  ________,  ________ and high-grade weaponry.

It is ________ your fault.

Maybe you will get what you ________.