Got a question for Frank Bill? #WriterNight

You may have noticed a certain bloody rivulet running through Punchnel’s this week. We’ve been publishing the winners of our Hard Boiled-Down Noir Fiction Contest.

Now you have a chance to meet and hang out with the winners–and our special guest Frank Bill. Friday, February 10, we’re hosting Writer Night at Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community, 3819 Lafayette Road in Indianapolis: an evening of conversation and general hanging out with Frank Bill, author of Crimes in Southern Indiana. The night is sponsored by Punchnel’s and Vouched Books, and our winning authors are invited to read their works at the event. It’s free to get in–and all proceeds from the night benefit the work of Second Story to introduce kids to creative writing.

Doors open at 7. Program starts around 7:30. There’ll be plenty of time to hang out with Frank and a bunch of other writers, wannabe writers, writer groupies, readers, etc. You can also ask questions–and tweet your questions for Frank Bill with the hashtag #WriterNight.

Come out to Service Center and bring your friends for a night of bloody good fun. Come early and eat at one of the great ethnic restaurants in the Lafayette Square area.

And get a babysitter for the kids. These readings will be rated R.