Okay, here’s the first thing to admit: this video is almost ten minutes long. When writer/producer Matt Gonzales brought us this project, our reaction was, “Yeesh. Ten minutes. That is a load of time. No one’s attention span lasts beyond two minutes these days, and ten minutes is like–oh! Look! A butterfly!”

But here’s the second thing: maybe our collective ADD is one of the reasons our schools are in so much trouble. Maybe we need to focus. Maybe we need to raise our own standards. Maybe we need to stop accepting crappy work and calling it good enough.

The stories about successful schools that are really helping our kids realize their

The mural inside the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School in Indianapolis.

potential are few and far between–especially here in Indianapolis, where we’re bombarded with evidence of how our schools are failing our kids. But the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School is a success story. Tindley’s motto is simple: College or Die. Tindley promises its students that they will graduate and go to college–a prestigious college.

And damned if they don’t do it.

And damned if we don’t love this video, shot by master documentarian Rick Thompson of Richmarc Productions and produced with love by the aforementioned Matt Gonzales for Well Done Marketing.

So we challenge you. Spend ten minutes. See if you’re not inspired.

BTW: did you know that Charles A. Tindley wrote the song, “We Shall Overcome”? Now you do.